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Portugal – Casino Estoril sees increase in prize money in 2017

By - 19 January 2018

Portugal’s Casino Estoril paid out €294.455m in prize money, last year, marking an increase of €29m more than in 2016.

The casino’s operator Estoril-Sol said: “During 2017 Casino Estoril distributed, to guests in its gaming venues, an impressive total prize value of €294,455,862, which is, an addition €29,176,000 more than in the same period of 2016,” the statement said.

In the areas reserved for automatic machines, the casino paid out ‘a daily average of more than €806,000 in prizes’ and 87 jackpots worth over €15,000.

The biggest prize was paid out on December 23 to a Caribbean Poker player who won a “jackpot of over €241,000.”
In December alone, Casino Estoril, which first opened in 1931 gave out prizes totalling €26,387,589.

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