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Switzerland – Swiss Casinos welcomes gambling law change

By - 11 June 2018

Switzerland casino operator Swiss Casinos has welcomed the new gaming laws allowing casinos licensed in the country to offer online gaming whilst blocking anyone who isn’t licensed.

The operator said: “Swiss Casinos is pleased that the Swiss voters have very clearly adopted the new law on gaming. The template ensures the world’s most stringent protection against gambling addiction, money laundering and fraud. And it ensures that the Swiss gambling and lottery companies continue to contribute around CHF 1bn to AHV, sports, culture and social welfare every year.”

The new laws which have been passed by both houses of parliament follow a referendum in Switzerland. Only Swiss-licensed casinos can operate online.

Swiss Casinos added: “With the new gaming law, casinos licensed in Switzerland will be able to offer their games online in the future. The new law also extends the proven prevention of gambling addiction to the online area. Targeted access barriers are used to tie back foreign online gambling providers who operate their games illegally in Switzerland. Improving the legal and combating illegal gambling will curb the growing black market. It is important that the new gaming law now be put into effect quickly. This will ensure that both the AHV and the sports, cultural and social sectors can continue to be supported by casino and lottery revenues in the future. Each year more than 300m francs are transferred to the AHV and over 600m to charitable projects. The Swiss Casinos Group has a strong commitment to sports, as well as social, cultural and tourist projects in all its locations, and has long been committed to its responsibility in preventing gambling addiction and money laundering. This commitment will be continued in the next few years and proven daily.”

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