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Argentina – La Rioja Provincial Administration to change laws for casino operation

By - 26 January 2020

The Provincial Administration of Games of Chance (AJALaR) for La Rioja is looking at changing rules for casinos. The newly appointed administrator of the board Ramón Vera has announced that he is looking at limiting casino opening times, while analysing new taxes and fees in the province located in northwestern Argentina. According to the board, casinos generate significant profits but little of it remains in the province.

In addition gaming is becoming an increasing serious issue due to the rise in problem gambling. Ramón Vera argued that gambling houses should not be open 24 hours a day. The previous mayor of the capital Ricardo Quintela failed to restrict opening times and change taxes so that they were more consistent with their earnings he said.

“We are already working on the issue of casinos to pay taxes accordingly, so that they not only raise money and take it out of the province but also contribute as it should be, what corresponds to the monthly fee,” he told local radio adding that “we are also working on what the time reduction does, because currently some rooms operate 24 hours.”

In December Vera, confirmed that a survey is being carried out to find out how many slots are operating in the province and if operators are paying the right amount of tax.

“We are working hard in social matters, since all proceeds will be transferred to the benefit of the people. But for that, we have to have the exact numbers of the amount of slot machines that match the canon we receive, “Vera said. Vera said that a fixed fee of $1,000 (US$16), $2,000 (US$32) and $3,200 (US$53) pesos is currently charged according to each type of machine.

He also said that the administration wants to do away with the single operator model currently in place. “We intend that there is no exclusivity”, adding that only one company is dedicated to the casino business which has exclusivity for thirty years in the province. He also said that the government was looking at a proposal to regulate online gaming.

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