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Australia – Casino Canberra stands down 90 per cent of its workforce

By - 31 March 2020

Aquis Entertainment, owner of Casino Canberra , has temporarily laid off 190 operational employees with another 20 to follow, equating to around 90 per cent of its workforce due to the coronavirus-related closures.

Australian Prime Minister Scoot Morrison ordered all public venues, including restaurants, bars, casinos, to shut down for ‘up to six months.’

Executive team members have taken a temporary 48 per cent salary reduction with CEO Alison Gallaugher having her wage halved from AU$300,000 to AU$150,000. Some essential staff remain in a reduced capacity to maintain the property, provide security and process payroll.

The owners stated: “The Casino Canberra operations ceased prior to 12 noon on Monday 23 March 2020. As a result, the Company has made the very difficult but unavoidable decision to stand down approximately 90 per cent of our 235 employees. We have completed the initial stand down of approximately 190 operations employees and are currently in the process of standing down a further approximately 20 employees following a controlled shut down of the property.”

“This will likely be the toughest challenge that any of our employees have faced in their lifetimes,” Ms Gallaugher added. “The executive team are committed and devoted to this business and will do our very best to bring the company through this shut down and then rebuild it for our team and patrons.”

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