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Canada – British Columbia awaiting new money laundering laws

By - 26 June 2018

British Columbia is to crack down on money laundering in its casinos following accusations from Attorney-General that the practice is ‘widespread.’

Attorney-General David Eby is awaiting the findings of Peter German, who was appointed to investigate ‘some serious allegations about widespread, trans-national money laundering in gaming facilities in the Lower Mainland.’

“The report will really help British Columbians understand why this is a concern and the scope and scale of the issue that we face and, more importantly, for government and the province and hopefully other jurisdictions, it will illustrate how a regulatory system can fail and how we can avoid that in the future,” the Attorney-General said.

The industry has already welcomed some interim recommendations back in December which led to the arrest of money laundering suspect Dan Bai Shun Jin at Richmond’s River Rock Casino last month, which the Attorney-General sais marks a ‘shift in the culture.’

Mr. Jin is also facing charges of alleged fraud for over $1.4m relating to casinos in Nevada and $855m via casinos in Australia.

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