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Colombia: BtoBet report shows Colombian market shifting towards digital channels

By - 27 March 2020

BtoBet’s latest report has analysed the evolving Colombian market as it adapts to a more digital native community.

Whilst still primarily a market with strong retail tendencies, the Colombian iGaming industry is fastly adapting to the digital channels as the country’s technological infrastructure are constantly improved. This is indicated by Coljuegos’ end of year fiscal results which were published last October which showed that while retail bookmakers accounted for the bulk of tax revenue, amounting to 61 per cent of the market, it was online operators that constituted the fastest growth of any legal form of gambling despite having only 10 per cent of the market share.

All this data is presented in BtoBet’s latest Industry Report for the Colombian market, “Colombia: Shifting From Retail to Online”, the latest in a series of reports compiled by the iGaming platform provider that analyse and dissect all the major markets on a global level. The Industry Report also offers data in relation to the improvements that the country has undertaken in recent years in its technological infrastructure.

Amongst other key data, interested operators are provided with detailed information regarding internet and smartphone penetration, daily average internet usage, average speeds and improvements in internet connection and mobile internet speeds, different device usage, insights of how one can diversify a retail strategy to place more empahsis on the digital channels and targeting non-registered players, and the use of social media and how one can use this communicative medium to provide a more engaging and player-centric betting experience.

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