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Greece – Novomatic’s ETG updates warmly received by Regency’s players

By - 24 June 2018

Novomatic has recently completed ETG installations in Greece for Regency Casinos at its Thessaloniki and Mont Parnes casinos.

The Novo Line Novo Unity II ETG installation at Regency Casino Mont Parnes updated the previous Novo Unity installation that has been operating since 2009, the casino floor now boasts a comprehensive ETG offer. 40 Eexecutive SL 1.24 terminals are connected to two live tables and two fully automated Roulette wheels. Simultaneous Betting allows guests to play up to three wheels simultaneously. The Novo Flying Roulette animation plus Novo Wheel Info Display infrastructure provides full game information and history details as well as live broadcasts from the wheels.

Petros Sarakintsis, Slots Director Regency Casino Mont Parnes, said: “At Regency Casino Mont Parnes our priority is to offer the most modern and state-of- the-art slot machines on our gaming floor and we are committed to providing our guests with the best experience. We are always proud to be the pioneers in the Attica gaming market.”

The same NLNUII ETG Roulette system with a total of 24 Executive SL 1.24 terminals has been implemented at Regency Casino Thessaloniki, the first Regency complex in Greece.

The new Novomatic ETG installation has been warmly welcomed by the guests.

“Our guests love to play the Live Roulette tables via the terminals. I would estimate that about 70 percent of our Roulette players now choose the electronic Roulette,” said Stellios Sampris, Slots Manager, Regency Casino Thessaloniki. “They prefer to play TouchBet Live-Roulette because of the increased privacy and the lower bets. And they also appreciate new technologies. The entire ETG design as a whole – the terminals, the displays and the Roulette wheels – really creates an outstanding attraction on our floor and the graphics, the screen display quality, etc. also seem to be a plus in attracting customers.”

“Our regular customers are always thrilled to see a change in our gaming floor and the new ETG offer is a huge change. It covers a large floor space and creates a real visual highlight,” said Yannis Kiossis, Marketing Manager, Regency Casino Thessaloniki.

Peter Hauptmann, Novomatic Global Sales, said: “This installation and its popularity with the guests is a statement for the excellent quality and proven performance of the Novo Unity II ETG platform. We are proud that Regency Casinos have again opted for our product – for this renewal of their ETG offering – and we would like to say ‘Thank you’ for their long-lasting partnership and trust.”

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