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ICE – Gaming Partners showing B&G J3 Jeton

By - 23 January 2014

Gaming Partners International will be displaying the latest currency and RFID advancements at ICE Totally Gaming.

GPI has a long standing tradition of providing customers with a full range of casino currency and table game products and solutions and will be featuring an array of offerings designed to provide casino operators expanded chip, plaque and jeton options and other products and solutions that help maximise their table game performance.

Among the new products GPI will be showcasing, the company is especially excited to show the latest advancements in its B&G currency line, beginning with the innovative B&G J3 Jeton.  The J3 is a revolutionary currency product that combines features from American style chips and European style plaques and jetons. GPI has expanded the number of edge spot options and patterns available on the J3, which can feature a multitude of security features.  Another important addition to GPI’s currency offerings, is the LaserTrack security feature in the lace décor on plaques and jetons as well as in the edge spots of the J3 jeton.  LaserTrack works with specially developed laser inks that are mixed with printing inks or currency materials and are only revealed with the aid of an invisible laser beam sent by a special device.

GPI continue to develop new solutions that utilise the full potential of RFID technology. Used alone, RFID solutions help automate many of the everyday manual tasks to help casino’s streamline operations. GPI’s Chip Inventory System provides operators a real time look at their chip inventories and provides customised reporting depending on their needs.

Visitors can also see a demonstration of GPI’s Total Money Management solution. Combining the efficiencies of RFID with JCM’s iV8 high-speed bill validator, our integrated money management solution streamlines table game cash and chip transactions to enable an increase in rounds per hour, provide greater currency security through instant authentication and validation, reduce manual counting procedures and errors, and provide labour savings and accounting efficiencies.

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