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Ireland – Irish Gaming Show embraces ‘player first’ management software solutions

By - 15 March 2020

DRGT attended the Irish Gaming Show on March 3 to 4 at the Red Cow Hotel in Dublin where it was showing its range of integrated, scalable casino management and jackpot system solutions.

DRGT’s Head of Global Marketing, Duncan Pollock said: “Irish operators have always really embraced their players and appreciated the fact that in order to differentiate themselves they need to provide the best possible player experience. ‘What gets measured, gets managed’, it really is that simple. In my view our technology helps in two key ways: we provide operators with easy to understand reporting that allows them to quickly see and understand their business at any time, from anywhere, in real time (or historically); and then through our TITO system, or our cashless ‘tap and play’ drScreenUltra technology, we provide players with an easy to use, clean, and convenient, play and pay solution, that is secure, stable, and robust.”

He added: “In Dublin we had a large number of operators showing a very keen interest in that side of its functionality too, which was really encouraging. As you well know our development teams’ unwavering mantra is ‘the player first’ and I firmly believe we have the technology solutions to assist operators in delivering that experience. In relation to specifically our drScreenUltra player interface screen: at 8.8” it is the largest of its kind in the world at the moment, so we really are best of breed.”

With DRGT’s management system in operation and its drScreenUltra installed, casino operators are able to easily view all game play activity on their floor, develop any number of promotional or reward strategies and then execute them by sending their promotional messages or rewards to specific individuals at their slot machine or to all players on their entire casino floor at a specific time, or following a specific ‘trigger event’ like a birthday, or perhaps a jackpot.

Mr. Pollock added: “I believe DRGT’s key selling points are our robustness, and our cost-effectiveness driven mainly by our ability to afford operators a solution that limits their need for the purchase of expensive servers. Our patented SMIB technology allows us the ability to operate without a permanent server connection, and also ensures full game play data replication across all gaming devices on a casino floor, furthermore, allowing for the likes of centralised ticket printer and/or bill validator software downloads. Add to that the actual reporting and communications functionality we are able to offer slots players, as well as casino operators and their guest service and technical staff, along with our array of slots jackpot configuration options, and we truly are a formidable competitor.

Management systems have always been an integral part of a casino’s communications strategy. What is key, however, is being able to efficiently mine all of the available data and end up with information that is truly rich in quality. It is here specifically that I believe our system provides exactly what operators need.
DRGT was also showing its drMediaManager with its easy to use ‘drag and drop’ software tool which affords any marketing, operations or floor manager for example, the functionality to schedule advertising, videos, sport events, raffles or live draw feeds well in advance, with date and time stamps to both start and stop the relevant pieces of communication.

Mr. Pollock added: “We can operate our management and jackpot systems, and our cashless or TITO functionality, on any EGM that uses a legal protocol, and what I’m referring to here are the likes of SAS, ASP, NSW, GRIPS, and even BACTA. For Ireland specifically we have devised a bespoke communications solution for some of the older EGMs in order to ensure a complete two-way data transfer, and as a result ensure seamless game play data tracking across all machines on a casino floor, or an operator’s entire estate.”

Caption: DRGT’s Paddy O’Byrne, Christophe Van Quathem and Duncan Pollock

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