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Romania – Toto Gaming unveils new brand amid Romanian expansion

By - 20 June 2023

On June 7, the extraordinary GenTo. show-event took place, marking the beginning of TotoGaming’s rebranding journey. The show itself was a truly cosmic experience, employing sound, light, and holographic technologies throughout its captivating 20-minute duration. The brand’s history was depicted using beloved heroes and anti-heroes theme, which resonates with the preferences of today’s youth. This choice was not coincidental.

The show performance was dedicated to the Toto generation, which has flourished and thrived during the brand’s existence, as well as the new Toto generation currently taking shape. These generations embody the same qualities that Toto itself has: honesty, innovation, and championing.

A spokesperson said: “Over the course of its 19-year existence, TotoGaming has overcome numerous challenges, establishing itself as an instantly recognizable brand, and creating an entire Toto ecosystem. Now, the brand is expanding its reach by venturing into the Romanian market. In Romania, TotoGaming aims to become one of the market leaders. To achieve this, they will leverage the tools they have developed over the years, prioritize customer satisfaction, and present innovative solutions that challenge stereotypes about the gaming industry. The show encapsulated all these aspirations. Each detail carried metaphorical significance, with Toto assuming the role of a space-faring hero, and the online world created by Toto expanding to the extent that it transformed into an entirely new planet.”

“During the event, the brand’s employees introduced guests to the brand’s vision, its core values, and what sets Toto apart from others. These values, namely honesty, innovation, and championing, are primarily aimed at the users themselves. TotoGaming strives to provide them with an honest and engaging gaming experience, offering new opportunities and personalization options. The brand aspires to be meaningful and inspirational, placing the customer at the heart of everything they do, while consistently striving for excellence in all aspects. For Toto, being a champion is not just a title, but a mindset, and they try to embody this philosophy in every endeavor. In essence, TotoGaming sets the standard for a safe and fun gaming experience.”

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