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Spain – Euro Vegas ‘morality’ is 40 years out

By - 7 August 2013

Former President of Madrid and President of Madrid’s People’s Party, Esperanza Aguirre has reacted strongly to those who are opposing the new EuroVegas resort on moral grounds pointing out that casinos have already been a reality in Spain for almost 40 years.

Writing in her weekly column for news portal ABC and also on her personal blog Aguirre argued that the new resort will herald in a new era much like the 1960’s which saw the Spanish tourism industry booming. The new resort according to Aguirre will act as a “lever which will help support the development of the economy in difficult times.”

Mrs. Aguirre also argued that in the 1960’s there were critics who warned that the tourist boom would lead to a collapse in morals yet the growth in the tourist industry only brought positive effects for the Spanish. “The bikinis only brought with them positive effects for the Spanish,” she said, “more freedom and a broadening of the mind . . . now it is the moral dangers associated with casinos which are being denounced.”

Pointing out that the casinos only make up 3.1 per cent of the total space of the new project Mrs. Aguirre argued also that casinos had been present in Spain for 40 years and that no one “was forcing anyone to go.”

The brainchild of Sheldon Adelson, Euro Vegas will take 18 years to build, create 260 thousand jobs and once completed will consist of twelve hotels and six casinos as well as other amenities such as golf courses and a convention centre. The first phases of the project will consist of the construction of 12 hotels which combined will house 36,000 rooms, three golf courses, a large number of restaurants and six casinos.

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