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Spain – Meetings galore and a keynote for GR8 Tech at SBC Summit Barcelona

By - 28 September 2023

iGaming solutions provider GR8 Tech made a notable appearance at the recently concluded SBC Barcelona exhibiting a comprehensive range of solutions and products tailored to different target audiences at stand CG414.

With the entire sales team and several strong product specialists on the ground, GR8 Tech engaged in over 50 discussions with potential clients’ stakeholders from both the operators’ and suppliers’ sides over two days.

“Chatting with potential partners was great in terms of perspective leads and gave me a real sense of where the market is heading,” reflected Yevhen Krazhan, GR8 Tech’s Head of Global Sales.

“It’s clear that operators should constantly evolve and adapt to maintain or grow their market share, which includes a whole set of challenges that GR8 Tech is set to address perfectly with customised solutions and products.

“The future of iGaming is exciting, and with the right collaborations, we’re looking forward to being a big part of it.”

From discussions and observations at SBC Barcelona, two predominant trends emerged that resonate with GR8 Tech’s core values and offerings. Firstly, the iGaming industry is experiencing a surge in interest in gamification as providers seek innovative ways to engage and retain clients.

Moreover, the event highlighted the need for a more personalised approach at the operators’ stage. “Many operators have generic queries, making it clear that a deeper understanding of their real challenges is crucial,” noted Denys Parkhomenko, GR8 Tech CPO.

‘It’s not enough to offer something standard. Identifying the unique needs of each operator and offering bespoke solutions is where the real value lies.”

GR8 Tech’s CEO, Evgen Belousov, joined the conference’s agenda with a keynote address titled “The power of tech solutions: launching and upgrading your iGaming operation.” Evgen delved into common challenges operators face and elaborated on how technological and human potential can be harnessed to alleviate these pain points.

Evgen added: “Every year, the SBC Summit gets bigger and more impressive. However, the similarity in propositions often makes it challenging for participants to genuinely distinguish themselves.

“At GR8 Tech, our focus remained on showcasing our unique approach backed by proven results. The outcome? A rewarding event with several promising leads. Stay tuned.”

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