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Spain – Ortiz ready to roll-out new games once markets fully reopen

By - 3 June 2020

Ortiz Gaming has been working tirelessly behind the scenes during the COVID-19 lock down to bring a host of new games to the video bingo market, once the international market fully reopens.

Alejandro Ortiz, President of Ortiz, said: “We have been working on several developments in quarantine times to bring new products and technology to market. A premium line of new videobing like; White Tiger, Golden Dragon, Rome Bingo are a small sample of what will be launching in the coming months accompanying the reopening of the markets. We can also mention new game features such as the Flexball that will be available in the company’s entire range of games. The “feature” gives the player an interactive experience by giving the player the option to choose their own strategy during the game. We always try to focus on productive things and bring us positive scenarios for the future. We are living a unique situation and keep the focus, working in the search for solutions are actions that I have always promoted in my personal life and in our company.”

“Through our history we always seek innovation and being at the forefront of the market, we cannot expect anything different from our group for the new post-coronavirus times. The industry will have new challenges ahead and Ortiz Gaming will be with our clients so that we can change concepts and continue innovating,” he added. “We believe that in the short term our mission is to support our clients in the process of reopening the industry and to work with possible new business alternatives that the different markets may provide.”

A recognised benchmark in the videobingo segment, Ortiz has also drawn up very ambitious plans in the interactive division to continue transferring what the Ortiz Gaming brand represents to customers. Professional reliability and pure entertainment.

Mr. Ortiz explained: “We will continue to focus on increasing our market share. Internally we have invested in people looking for new talents who can increasingly add value to our company. Our short-term objective is to increase the availability of our successful titles offered in our landbased operations for our clients in the online market.”

Testimony to this is a recent deal with Salsa Technology to extend their content agreement following a hugely successful start to the partnership. The two bingo giants first put pen to paper in 2017. Results have been extremely strong since Ortiz Gaming integrated its portfolio of Premium Video Bingos onto the Salsa Technology platform. The deal allowed Salsa Technology to gain access to numerous and prestigious games titles, including the New Triple Mania, Locomodin 3D and ACE Mania Bingo.

Salsa Technology’s CEO Peter Nolte said: “Ortiz Gaming is a key partner and we’re pleased to build on our agreement after a very successful initial period. We look forward to continuing to grow together.”

Ortiz Gaming’s VP of Global Sales Roberto Regianini followed: “We are confident that by extending our partnership with Salsa Technology our new product line of Premium Video Bingo will be available throughout their platform and their distribution channels boosting our presence in the online market.”

The company’s long-term focus is both local and global.

Mr. Ortiz outlined the strategy: “The Spanish market is one of the most important markets in the world, the local industry has been experiencing great development in recent years. Today the game makes a strong contribution both economically and socially and surely the intention of our group is to grow further and collaborate with the industry by bringing new solutions in services, products and technology. We are always attentive to new business opportunities, exploring new markets is a constant in our group. In the short term I can mention the increase in our participation in the online market and also in the immense possibility of opening the Brazilian market. Brazil will always be on our radar, our company knows a lot about the reality of this market where we had a very successful history in the past. Currently there are many discussions at the government level and we are waiting for a project that can meet the real demand of the sector by combining social counterparts and security for your investment. These points will be fundamental for the creation of thousands of jobs, where an entire environment of the economy could benefit. The government has a great opportunity to regulate an activity that unfortunately in Brazil remains outside of countries such as the USA, Spain, Argentina and Colombia.”

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