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South Korea – Spielo completes system install at Kangwon Land

Spielo International has completed the install of its Galaxis casino systems solutions on all 960 slots at Kangwon Land, South Korea’s largest casino. Among the modules selected was Galaxis Jackpots, which is used to centrally manage 153 different levels of progressive and mystery jackpots on 18 jackpot links, with 80 stand-alone jackpots coming to fruition….

US – BIS(2) Spielo deal to make Galaxis more dynamic

BIS(2) is partnering with Spielo International to offer its multi-award winning gameViz software as a seamless part of Spielo International’s Galaxis gaming management system portfolio, making sophisticated business intelligence more accessible and affordable for casino operators worldwide. gameViz can be installed within a rapid timeframe, and can provide a return on investment of less than…