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The Netherlands – SuzoHapp introduces the ICX Active-9

By - 6 September 2018

SuzoHapp has launched the Scan Coin ICX Active-9, the all-in-one solution for any coin sorting need.

The ICX Active-9 represents the new mid-range class of sorters and leverages best-in-class technology from the SCAN COIN ICP Active-9 that has become the benchmark for high volume sorters. Through years of research, development, testing and industry trials, the ICX Active-9 is engineered to be the best at delivering what any coin sorter should – excellent flexibility and reliability at a competitive price.

This new solution has been developed for medium-duty usage in multiple market segments (Retail, Gaming, Amusement, Vending and Banking). Its unique Active Sorting® Technology ensures outstanding features: multiple currencies processed, very high throughput, multiple set-ups and configurations.

“We’re very pleased to add this new high performance solution to our portfolio,” said Alexander Bucur, Vice President Global Product Management. “The ICX Active-9 can dramatically boost your business by increasing productivity, security and efficiency.”

The heart of coin validating technology The ICX Active-9 makes use of the same firmware as the ICP Active-9 platform. This gives complete control over the ability to reprogram the sensors in order to adapt the ICX Active-9 to accept any future new coins and inhibit coin types that are taken out of circulation. All this is thanks to its unmatched Active Sorting® Technology.

When speed and accuracy matter The ICX Active-9 has 9 coin outlets and a reject outlet. Multiple coins/tokens can be sorted into the same bag and coins of the same diameter can be separated into different bags, to remove legacy coins. Speed is a necessity where many coins have to be quickly validated, sorted and bagged. Here the ICX Active-9 excels with its ability to process up to 2,700 coins/tokens per minute. Indeed, it has been designed for processing 250,000 coins per shift.

Designed for intelligent coin processing Coins come in all shapes and sizes, and in a variety of materials including aluminum and stainless steel. The ICX Active-9 processes all coins with its innovative built-in rotating disc and driving rubber belt. This new high performance solution is extremely flexible and easy to use thanks to its 10” LCD touchscreen user interface. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive statistics to ensure that all coins can be simply and instantly traced.

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