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UK – ITL heralds NV200 Spectral Note Validator Range

By - 31 March 2021

The NV200 Spectral from Innovative Technology is now well established in the market as a highly secure and technologically advanced banknote validator designed to ensure efficient cash processing.

It is the foundation for several new products in the Spectral range that ITL have launched over the past few years and using its modular design it allows customers to easily add additional functionality such as note recycling or bunch note feeding. The NV200 Spectral suite of products can be utilised in a wide variety of applications with international installs growing at pace.

Thorsten Labusch, VP of Sales & Business Development said: “Our flagship recycler, the Spectral Payout is ideal for numerous applications and we currently have units in the field within the gaming, POS, kiosk and self-service industries throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. This superior recycler is perfect for high volume applications requiring multi-denomination recycling at fast speeds. An 80 note ‘true’ mixed denomination recycler the Spectral Payout can store all denominations from a given currency, eliminating cash starvation & reducing the float level required to keep machines operational. By utilising notes for change or prizes the Spectral Payout dramatically reduces operator collection costs.”

Mr. Thorsten continued,: “Another unit part of the NV200 Spectral collection is the Spectral BNF (bunch note feeder) which is being utilised in automated deposit machines for banking applications throughout Europe including Russia. Boasting a large-scale deposit capacity and quick acceptance speeds this is ideal for large scale, high volume environments. It allows operators to present 100+ notes at once and can be utilised with an impressive 2200 cashbox. Notes enter the validator from the bottom of the deposit pile so constant refill is available, significantly minimising refill time.”

For Smart Safe applications, the Spectral BNF can be incorporated with the Safe Interface. Mr. Thorsten added: “We are working with various customers in banking, finance and retail in several locations to enable them to spend less time counting and reconciling cash. Utilising the NV200 Spectral, the unit’s design allows customers to gain access to the validator head while the cash is securely stored inside the smart safe, providing an enhanced level of security.”

Mr. Thorsten concluded: “The Spectral TEBS is also part of the NV200 Spectral family. This tamper evident cashbag system is ideal for retail and banking environments who transport large amounts of cash. Each cashbag has a unique barcode for full audit traceability and the high capacity cashbag (up to 1000 new notes) reduces the amount of cash in transit visits and eliminates cash shrinkage.”

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