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US – Aruze to show 25 titles on new Muso Triple-27 cabinet

By - 4 October 2018

Aruze Gaming’s Muso Triple-27 cabinet will be scattered throughout Aruze’s booth at G2E.

Ensuring that its newest cabinet will stand out from the crowd, Aruze designed Muso Triple-27 with an LED backlighting that gives a 360-degree presence on the casino floor. When the cabinets are connected, a sequential lighting feature occurs on the back panel which provides an exciting way to attract players. At G2E, some 25 titles will be displayed on the Muso Triple-27, showcasing the depth of product available.

In addition to the Muso Triple-27, many new products will be displayed on the existing Cube-X line of cabinets.

In terms of Electronic Table Games Aruze will be showing Lucky Roulette, Super Big Wheel, Omni Table, RFID technology, a unique Live ETG product and Roll to Win Craps all featured.

Roll to Win Craps is a hybrid dealer-assisted ETG that combines the excitement and attributes of live table play with the operational efficiencies of modern technologies. Where tradition and technology merge, a dealer calls and directs the gameplay while up to 10 players can place their bets electronically, shoot the dice across a standard sized craps table made of LED panels and enjoy the spectacular animations designed to inform and entertain.

Another additional feature of Roll to Win Craps set to spark the imagination of casino operators and marketers alike is an embedded LED advertisement wall. On the interior side of the craps table wall, a section is dedicated to streaming advertisements that can be used for casino property promotions or focused on external advertising partnerships. A year has passed since the first public viewing of Roll to Win Craps, but it is evident that Roll to Win Craps has evolved into a “must play” experience.

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