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US – Eilers predicts eSports will hit $23bn by 2020

By - 25 August 2015

Eilers Research has announced the publication of an in-depth white paper titled: eSports Betting: It’s Real, and Bigger Than You Think.

The report, authored by Chris Grove, Senior Consultant at Eilers Research, focuses on the eSports betting opportunity, including a survey of the current landscape, market sizing projections, analysis of the forces powering growth, assessment of the risks to that growth, and big-picture commentary on how the product and opportunity will evolve.

Mr. Grove said: “While much has been written about eSports’ cultural and economic explosion, little has been written about the nascent industry surrounding fan wagering on eSports. eSports betting has remained under the radar due to low visibility into the financial performance of the product and a mainstream blind spot regarding the very existence of such activity. Both forces are starting to subside, revealing a space where we estimate fans will wager over a quarter of a billion dollars on the outcome of eSports events in 2015 – a number that we project will exceed $23bn by 2020. Our high-level conclusion: eSports is an extremely hospitable environment (technologically, logistically, culturally and demographically) for real-money online wagering. Penetration of eSports betting into the gamer community and general growth of eSports betting has each been dampened to date by structural barriers that are now weakening. Concurrently, eSports betting is beginning to benefit from tailwinds generated by positive macro trends for both eSports and the broader online gambling industry.”

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