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US – GPI showing Intricate Edge Inserts and Hollow Shot

By - 4 October 2018

Gaming Partners International new currency security features available in both its BG Premium and V-Series molded chips and Paulson traditional compression molded chips are Intricate Edge Inserts.

This new advanced feature allows for the inclusion of more complex edge insert designs that cannot be achieved through traditional injection molding methods. As a result, customers can incorporate edge inserts with multiple colors, designs and security taggants.

GPI first introduced Intricate Edge Inserts on its Paulson chips at the World Series of Poker held at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. As a part of the tournament’s final table, these special chips featured the letters “WSOP” in the edge spots.
Another security feature available on select BG Premium and V-Series chips is the Hollow Shot, an indentation in the chip’s outer ring that serves a dual purpose in the chip’s overall design and counterfeit deterrence. Additionally, customers can add micro text, graphics and security taggants to the Hollow Shot for added currency security.

Smart RFID is GPI’s exclusive high frequency RFID technology. GPI’s SMART RFID products and solutions offer the most technologically advanced RFID technology and are available on all GPI currency brands. SMART offers faster and more accurate chip reads and when used with GPI’s Casino Inventory System (CIS) software delivers a complete currency tracking and authentication solution and one of the most robust, anti-counterfeit security solutions available
GPI will demonstrate several new and technologically advanced SMART RFID solutions that can provide exceptional operational benefits to our customers at G2E.

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