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US – Las Vegas entrepreneur partners with RGF Environmental to provide high quality air

By - 4 June 2020

Las Vegas entrepreneur & casino veteran, Bryan Lindsey, and other business industry leaders have partnered with Palm Beach, Florida based RGF Environmental Group to create Environ Safety, a Nevada Corporation.

After a complete shutdown of Las Vegas casinos, resorts, conference centers, restaurants and arenas due to COVID-19, the welfare and safety of both patrons and workers is one of the greatest concerns delaying the reopening of these businesses. Environ has entered into an exclusive agreement with RGF Environmental Group, Inc. to distribute RGF’s patented UV-based advanced oxidation technologies (AOT) utilizing RGF’s PHI (Photohydroionization) and REME Halo (Reflective Electromagnetic Energy) as some of the air, surface and food safety solutions needed to bring Las Vegas back to the table. RGF’s Advanced Oxidation Technologies (AOT) are the most innovative technologies on the market, with more than four million successful applications currently being used worldwide. RGF’s PHI Cell and REME Halo technology is so effective that it can stop contagions from a sneeze. Using simulated sneeze tests, different third-party independent labs and universities found AOT cells are 99 per cent+ effective in removing Coronavirus, Norovirus and MRSA within three-foot area of a sneeze. This licensed technology has aided Fortune 500 companies in successfully providing safe environments from the potential spread of various viruses and bacteria.

Mr. Lindsey and RGF have lofty goals as they collectively attack the biggest, most dangerous transmission of the virus: infected air. More than 50% of commercial buildings have contaminated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. If not properly maintained, they are a hotbed for growth of mold, viruses and bacteria. The re-opening of these massive integrated resorts is the first and most important task at hand. RGF’s patented Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT) is the air, surface and food safety solution needed to bring not only Las Vegas but the entire Hospitality industry globally back to work.

Bryan Lindsey, President of Environ, said: “Unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions. We are prepared to take swift and drastic action to clean and protect the Air, Water & Food Systems in our Vegas Valley resorts, convention centers and arenas. Having a manufacturing partner such as RGF and their American made patented products is a game changer for our entertainment industry! Collectively we will enable the team members and guests visiting locally and internationally to breathe the cleanest air they have ever experienced here. As a longtime Las Vegas local, it’s sickening that our resorts are still closed. Here at Environ Safety, we are solely focused on getting Las Vegas and the world back to work and getting hundreds of thousands of gaming & hospitality team members working in the safest environment as quickly as humanly possible.”

Environ Safety is bringing this technology to Las Vegas and worldwide markets in an effort to help combat the spread of Coronavirus and other harmful bacteria and viruses. Las Vegas is the perfect venue to set the new standard in air, surface and food safety and to lead the way on how to safely reopen businesses around the world.

Lindsey and the team at Environ Safety are also pleased to announce that their Global Scientific Advisor is none other than Dr. James Marsden, PhD. Dr.Marsden is a 40-year veteran in the environmental safety industry and will be involved in advising the elite hospitality clientele for Environ Safety as they expand across North America and globally. “Dr. Marsden is the Michael Jordan of the environmental safety industry and we are extremely pleased to have him advising our clients during the discovery, development, installation and long-term maintenance process,” Mr. Lindsey said.

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