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US – Nevada bill banning guns from casinos heads to Assembly

By - 27 May 2021

Nevada casinos are closer to being able to ban guns from the properties following a vote by the state Senate which will now see a bill presented to the Assembly.

SB452, supported by MGM Resorts International, would make it a criminal act to bring guns into casinos with operators able to display signs informing guests they will face a year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,000 if they break the law.

Bill sponsor and Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, was keen to highlight that the new law would not be ‘a stop and frisk’ bill but would enable to call law enforcement without first telling the customer of their suspicions.

Mr. Cannizzaro said: “No one in this state should have to live, regardless of where they live or where they’re going, under the fear of being shot, regardless of where that is coming from. Right now there is a significant danger to individuals who work in casinos, who are there to do their jobs, and for individuals who are visiting those premises.”

The proposed legislation says: “SB452 prohibits law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves at certain gaming-connected businesses, such as hotels and shopping malls, if the owners decide to declare it a gun-free zone. This restriction extends to the property line, meaning the firearm prohibition includes open areas like parking lots, with limited exceptions. The bill contains no requirements for gun-free businesses to provide any security measures to guarantee the safety of disarmed patrons, such as security guards or metal detectors, to prevent armed criminals from ignoring the arbitrary boundaries and entering.​​”

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