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Argentina – New import regime for slots made official

By - 5 September 2022

The Argentine government has officialised the new regime for slot machines meaning that  they will  go from having automatic licenses to non-automatic licenses, within the framework of measures to exercise greater control over imports.

The new rules were made official after the Ministry of Economy, through the Secretary of Commerce, issued Resolution 1/2022 in which it stated that “a series of goods have been identified for which, based on the current economic situation, it is essential to evaluate their respective trade flows.”

The legal device makes modifications to Resolution 523-E-2017, which establishes automatic licenses and non-automatic licenses for different imported goods. Among the products for which the import regime changes are goods identified with the code 9504.30.00, which are, “games activated with coins, bank notes, bank cards, tokens or by any other means of payment.”

The changes are part of a wider policy as the government has greater controls and limitations on import permits for other goods arriving in the country.

Last month it emerged that The Argentine tax office (AFIP), the General Directorate of Customs, together with the Secretary of Commerce was seeking to put in place measures that would impose increased controls on the importation of slot machines.

Argentina currently has two types of import licensing: one automatic and the other non-automatic, both of which are established under Resolution No. 523/2017. Slot machines would be placed under the non-automatic regime.

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