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Industry recognises Casino de Monte-Carlo’s vision for 2020

By - 8 March 2019

At ICE London 2019, the global gaming industry acknowledged the strategy of Casino de Monte-Carlo and the Monaco Casinos to reposition its image, redesign its customer segmentation, launch the new My Monte-Carlo loyalty programme, create exceptional events and drive new slot innovation

For over 150 years, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer has created an image of excellence in the universe of luxury tourism, with high-end hotels, gastronomy, entertainment, shopping, and well-being. The gaming business, which forms the company’s identity since its founding, today asserts itself as the standard-bearer of the group’s offer, thanks to the worldwide reputation of Monte-Carlo and its casinos in the field of gaming.

Heritage is an essential and integral part of the Monte-Carlo experience, but so too is innovation, dynamism and a willingness to embrace change as part of SBM’s 2020 Casinos Vision, a plan designed to revitalise aspects of the Monte-Carlo gaming offer and ensure that it appeals to both this generation of players and the next.

“I am honoured to receive “the Casino of the Year” award for the Casino de Monte-Carlo,” commented’ Jean-Luc Biamonti, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer. “I am delighted to see another concrete result of our strategy to consolidate the position of gaming at the heart of the Group’s strategy, the work of all staff in the Gaming sector, and more widely the Group, for the past three years within the framework of 2020 Casinos Vision.

“The path we have taken has been successful, the great satisfaction expressed by our customers is largely noted, our employees excellence and the growth of our economic results from our casinos during the first semester of our fiscal year reinforces the momentum that we have put in place and which will be amplified in the coming months.

“We are proud to reaffirm our position as the most exclusive gaming destination in Europe. We still have a lot of work and effort, but I am confident. I would like to share this award with all the employees of the Gaming Operations.”

Pascal Camia, Executive Vice President of Gaming Operations – Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, said: “On behalf of all the teams of the casinos of Monaco, I am proud to receive this award which illustrates our incredible work, commitment and professionalism. Thanks to the vision and under the leadership of Mr. Biamonti, this award is the successful recognition of the Great Luxury & Art of Gaming strategy we implemented for The Casino de Monte-Carlo.”

The award for Casino of the Year recognises the dynamism that is propelling Casino de Monte-Carlo forward as part of the 2020 Casinos Vision of the operator, Monte-Carlo Societe des Bains de Mer. Speaking to Mr. Camia at ICE London, he described the path of trajectory that is revitalising the casinos of Monte-Carlo, as one that has been embraced by staff at every level of the operation with a belief in delivering the “Art of Gaming’ as part of every customer experience.

“Casino de Monte-Carlo is not a mass market destination, therefore we cannot compete at the global level in terms of volume, we must instead compete with quality, providing a tailor-made personalised service for our guests,” stated Mr. Camia.

In June 2018, the Monte-Carlo Cafe de Paris hosted its first slots-themed 1930s Great Gatsby slots party, which proved a huge success with local slots players.  The event was one of a host of unique experiences created by SBM to build upon its new vision of Monte-Carlo – capitalising on the heritage of the past, but also embracing the future direction of the 2020 Casinos Vision.

The latest event, held in February, combined classic motifs with the latest slots innovations. Inspiration was sought from the 1930s and a classic poster  proclaiming: ‘In winter, all the chic people go to Monte-Carlo.’ “We have taken this theme and reimagined it for modern times,” explained Mr. Camia. “In February, the Winter Chic Party was a celebration for local players to play slots in a glamorous, but also welcoming atmosphere. Our message to players is that the Cafe de Paris is the “casino that loves you.” It offers an inclusive experience – not an exclusive one – something that the staff are seeking to effectively communicate to our clientele. To date, the feedback has been very positive – especially concerning the organisation of these exclusive events, competitions and tournaments.”

Mr. Camia and his team have established 12 working groups within Societe des Bains de Mer, with the express goal of communicating the 2020 Casinos Vision to players; both VIP and fun-players visiting its locations to sample the unique gaming, entertainment, social, hospitality and fine dining experience that is Monte-Carlo.

“The working groups have been very important in ensuring that every member of the team understands the vision we have going-forward,” said Mr. Camia. “It’s the small details that make the biggest impacts, for example, we have made changes to minimum bets on punto banco, something highlighted by our dealers at Casino de Monte-Carlo. Our dealers suggested lowering the minimum from €40 to €20 to remove the intimidation felt by fun-players. The positive impact this change has made came from listening to our dealers and implementing ideas originating on the casino floor, as opposed to imposing ideas from the top-down.

“Quick wins are the key to success and you can only achieve such things if the entire team believes in the vision and wants to be involved in the process,” commented Mr. Camia at ICE London. “I believe that the award for Casino of the Year is recognition of the change in mindset of the team of people we have working within SBM. We see that dynamism across all levels of the management and staff and this award is for everyone involved in bringing this vision to reality.”

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