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New game studio: Brings the Thunder

By - 29 January 2020

G3 talks to Catalina Lukianenko, Chief Operating Officer of new slot development studio, Thunderspin, about the rationale behind this venture and its future roadmap.

ThunderSpin is a new slot development studio. Could you tell us how the studio was formed and the thought process behind the decision?

Before we decided to create a game studio, we had more than 10 years of experience in operating a casino. Based on this experience, we decided to launch ThunderSpin to provide a positive gaming experience to our players. Thus, the key characteristics of our approach to game development were determined: high quality in terms of resolution and innovation from the user experience side.

We are confident that this approach creates exciting games and provides entertainment for our players.

What sets ThunderSpin’s games and products apart from other studios? How are you going to ensure your games are a success?

We spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to entertain our players by producing high- quality products to fill the market. Quality is our key mantra with our well-experienced team of artists, sound engineers and developers. All are enthusiastic about their work and want to create truly unique slots, even if they rely on popular mechanics.

Could you tell us a bit more about your market research? What type of research did you undertake? What were its main findings?

At ThunderSpin, we always try to find something new through our initial research and analysis processes to avoid repetition in our work, even in the slightest of details we want to offer something innovative. It is very important for us to connect our pleasure from work with the high expectations of our partners and players. As a young company, we are ambitious and flexible, and these are our advantages.

Our priority is the quality of the games we produce and creating unique features, but we also focus on the additional requirements which can have a big impact on the gaming experience, such as how good a player’s internet connection is. How fast it works can massively affect the gameplay experience. Therefore, we customise our games on the region: if in Scandinavian countries the Internet connection is good and fast enough, our customers can play slots in full HD format and on large screens over 100 inches in size.

However, we can also adapt our games to poor connection speeds in Africa and other countries where playing full HD slots can be a problem. So, ThunderSpin games are available for everybody, regardless of the quality of their internet connection. Another thing that we deeply care about is attracting the younger generation to our slots with the help of modern game plots and innovative features.

How does Thunderspin set itself apart in the hugely competitive environment of slot development?

To succeed in a highly competitive environment, you must be flexible. By this I mean our wilingness at ThunderSpin to create a wide range of services and offers to our current and potential partners. We are capable of developing games with common mechanics, unique features, or to make an exclusive slot from scratch. We support the majority of world currencies and dozens of cryptocurrencies. We develop games in a high-standard coding language to provide seamless multiplatform performance.

Slot games are not as simple as they seem and are the most popular games at online and land- based casinos. With the support of our partners, we can deliver our games to a wide range of slot fans and delight every client. This is the main target for our developers.

ThunderSpin has an advanced management interface. Could you tell us more about how this works? How do operators benefit?

We’ve created a web interface that allows our partners to analyse a large amount of data and make the right decision in less than five minutes. You can watch the data in real-time, request reports and make decisions based on them. We also provide many features, including jackpots, tournament leaderboards and flexible bonuses. For example, if you look at our Book of Treasure slot, in-game bonuses include Cloning of Symbols, Bonus Purchase, Free Spins, Substitution Symbols, and Wild. In-game bonuses and various features are the main advantages that players demand for exciting gameplay. Therefore, we focus not just on the visual side but on having rich game mechanics.

ThunderSpin has announced plans for the near future, including new game titles, innovative jackpot mechanics, and tournament structures. How do you continue to create unique and innovative mechanics?

That’s right. We have big and bright plans in the near future, and we are already on the path of implementing these into reality. As I said, it’s really fun for us to create something bright and new through features and unique games. When we begin our work on a new game, we think about the very functionality that the players want to see. Thus, most of our work is about researching ways we can impress our players and interest them to repeatedly play our slots.

Also, we focus on improving the user experience to make it satisfactory for all categories of player, whether they are play from either desktop or mobile devices. All our slots and web interfaces are compatible with various types of devices, and we also adapted the user interface of our games to automatically change the screen orientation.

What are your expectations for ThunderSpin in 2020? What opportunities and challenges do you foresee over the next 12 months?

Our next step with ThunderSpin is to obtain a certificate in Italy with the help of our partner, ITech Labs, which is one of the leading accredited testing laboratories for online gaming worldwide. This issue should be resolved in the first quarter of 2020, so from the beginning of next year we expect to present our slots to Italian casino players. We intend to increase the speed of our game development process in order to produce one high-quality game per month. The main aim for ThunderSpin is to progress on all sides, from creating new ideas and searching for various innovative approaches to presenting our games worldwide.

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