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Safer Gambling Training: support your team and your customers

By - 13 July 2021

Over the last decade, there has been a significant shift in focus towards consumer protection and safer gambling. The explosion of the online sector has uncovered plenty of opportunities but also increased the need for support for vulnerable customers who may be at risk of experiencing harm.

It has been encouraging to see more operators put safer gambling at the core of their business model and objectives. There is more to do so the continuous innovation of safer gambling should be embraced for all stakeholders across the sector.

Last year, the charities Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) and Betknowmore UK joined forces to launch a new initiative which supports employees working in the gambling industry.

Safer Gambling Training, a purposeful new programme provides operators with specialist online training to strengthen player protection standards and effectively safeguard consumers from gambling harms.

The collaboration combines the charities’ specialist knowledge, lived experience insight and research to create what is believed to be the most advanced and comprehensive training programmes on the market. The training and resources have been developed using a methodology which adopts advanced eLearning techniques to keep the learn engaged and interacting with the programme.

The content is all relevant to the Gambling Commissions latest LCCP requirements and has received funding from regulatory settlements to support the delivery of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling-related Harms.

There are six programmes which have all been City & Guilds Assured meaning employees receive formal certification on completion.


The aim of this programme is to raise learner awareness of customer vulnerability, in order to support an operators’ own Safer Gambling initiatives.Employees will explore what is meant by vulnerability, why it is important to recognise it and how this can help an operator in fulfilling its corporate responsibilities.

By the end of the workshop, employees will be able to understand what is meant by ‘customer vulnerability’, identify potentially vulnerable groups, and describe the factors that can trigger vulnerability.


This two-part programme explores Gambling Related Harms within the context of the individuals, families and communities in Part A. Employees will understand the factors that can make people more vulnerable to Gambling Related Harms and how recreational gambling can get out of control.

Part B is told through the eyes of Joe and his journey through gambling addiction. Employees will be introduced to the work of psychologist Dr Custer to help identify gambling related harms in customers.


This programme is designed to give staff the information and confidence to identify safeguarding and welfare issues, exploring legal responsibilities within the gambling industry.

Focus on safeguarding at risk groups and managing welfare issues relevant to gambling. Employees will be upskilled in recognising when someone is at risk of gambling-related harms and how to make an appropriate intervention.


The objective of this programme is to give employees the knowledge needed to signpost vulnerable customers towards help and support. Staff will explore the organisations that support gamblers and the protections that are available to help customers take control when gambling becomes disordered.

By the end of the workshop employees will be able to signpost to the different types of support services available and explain what they do.


The health and wellbeing of employees is of increasing concern to all organisations, and the gambling sector is no exception. Dealing with customers who are expressing heightened and even extreme emotions can take its toll on an individual’s mental health and wellbeing, and this in turn represents a risk to the effectiveness of your organisation.

The aim of this programme is to raise awareness of situations that may cause stress or contribute to mental or physical health issues, and to equip learners with tools, tips and techniques to help them to maintain their wellbeing and work life balance.

These programmes are available as a suite, bespoke bundles, or individual workshops, offering complete flexibility to align the training with the business requirements. All training can be completed online, with each module taking around 60-minutes to complete. The training can be easily accessed on PC, laptop or tablet at time that suits the learner.

All profits made from Safer Gambling Training are directed back into the YGAM and Betknowmore charities to help support their social purpose.

Ian Shanahan, Head of Safer Gambling Partnerships at YGAM, said “I feel enormously proud of the product we have developed with insight from academics, charities, operators, regulators and individuals with lived experience.

“This programme will establish a new benchmark of knowledge and understanding of gambling-related harm. We will continue to develop our content, ensuring it remains fit for the changing, dynamic gambling market, with the ultimate purpose of keeping players safe and free from harm.”

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