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Mexico – Mexico continues to bet on Win Systems and Wigos

Win Systems has recently installed its Wigos casino management system at the newly opened Gran Palacio, which belongs to the prestigious Euromex Group, was recently inaugurated in the city of Monterrey. In the last six months, Win Systems has made more than a dozen installations of its Wigos CMS in Mexico, confirming the strong bond…

Mexico – No more casinos for Monterrey under current Mayor

The mayor of Monterrey Adrián de la Garza Santos has told fellow lawmakers that no casino licences have been granted during his term of office. The mayor said that casinos had been blocked from opening during his administration via a specific impediment that allows local authorities to intervene to ensure that they do not open….

Mexico – Caliente Casino to remain closed following Mexican regulations

The mayor of Monterrey Adrián de la Garza Santos has made it clear that no new casinos will be allowed to open without his express authorisation within the city limits. The Mayor said that he had not given the green light to the opening of any new casinos after rumours began to surface that management…