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Type-S World Premiere: Amusnet’s ICE 2024 Breakthrough

By - 28 February 2024

ICE London 2024 saw Amusnet officially launch its land-based casino vertical with the world premiere of the Type-S slot cabinet series. G3 took the opportunity to sit down with Borislav Marinov, Head of Land-based Business Development, to discuss how it all came together and what’s next.

Can you tell us more about the Type-S cabinet and the ethos behind its development?

Well, as you know Amusnet has a successful history of almost 10 years. Two years ago, we established our Land-based division which initially was focused on producing physical casino products like automated and Live roulettes, Baccarat, Sic Bo tables etc. used in our Live Casino vertical.

Since Amusnet has already established a reputation as a one of the most prominent international iGaming providers our strategic decision was to expand our portfolio and add products for the real casinos around the world.

This is how our Land-based project began – with the development of our very first slot machine series. It was the culmination of our mission to provide full spectrum of gaming entertainment, catering to a wider audience and diverse preferences.

This strategic shift also marks a transition in our positioning as an all-casino solutions provider. The Type S slot cabinet series is a result of an impressive investment and two years of relentless dedication to R&D, technical design, construction, software, and game portfolio precision.

Are all the games featured on the Type-S existing Amusnet titles from the online sector? Have any been created specifically for a land-based audience?

All the games on the Type-S cabinets have been selected for Amusnet’s own slots portfolio. Moreover, it is an award-winning selection of favourite and top-performing slots, that engage with stunning graphics, sounds, engaging mechanics, and exciting bonuses.

The plan is to gradually incorporate our entire in-house portfolio into the slot cabinets to reach a maximum number of players and deliver exclusive gaming experience that will be tailored to the specific business needs of our partners.

Our portfolio includes a variety of games ranging from classics that are preferred by older audiences, through upgraded ones with additional features intertwined with online operations, to new dynamic games with intriguing extras and bonuses.

The last aim to attract younger audiences by recreating the online gaming experience, but on a big screen, with enhanced graphics and sound effects. The difference is huge from playing on a 5″ or 50″ screen, believe me. Players will witness the characters of their favourite games ‘come to life’ right before their eyes.

Typically, titles in the gaming industry have transitioned from the land-based slot machines to online, yet Amusnet is doing the opposite. What are the challenges involved?

Yes, that has often been the case. But we like the challenge. Drawing upon nearly a decade of experience in developing high-performing online casino content, we are positioned to diverge from the conventional trend and introduce a game selection to the land-based sector.

ICE 2024 is the world premiere of the our first-ever slot cabinet series and we had some questions. How would players that prefer to play traditional land-based products will respond to such an innovative game lobby? How would they react to features such as buy bonus and cascade games from the online spectrum?

The feedback so far has been largely positive from industry representatives all over the world, including operators, potential distributors, and clients.

Where are you initially looking to install the Type-S? From a commercial perspective, will new clients be essential as not all Amusnet’s existing partners have land-based operations?

Of course, the focus market will be our home market and Eastern Europe generally until the end of this year. So, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Georgia. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not looking to sell further afield.

Yesterday (the second day of the exhibition), we had initial conversations with clients from Latin America. Our longstanding partners and clients from Eastern Europe are already confirming orders, as they trust us as a reliable partner, proven over the years to drive growth to their business. Longer term, our plans are to distribute our land-based products across all regulated markets.

The most important thing for now is to spread the new in the global casino industry that we have this new vertical of products, and ICE is the prefect scene for us showing a new level of gaming excellence from Amusnet.

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