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Uruguay – Tender officially launched for La Paloma casino

By - 28 August 2023

The Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera  has officially launched the tender for a casino and hotel which will be located near La Paloma.

“The oceanic region of the country deserves it and needs it,” Viera said when celebrating the tender announcement, at a press conference at which the undersecretary of the ministry, Remo Monzeglio, and the mayor of the Rocha department, Alejo Umpierrez were also both present.

“The diamond in the rough that is the coast of Rocha must be polished, and for this the departmental government and the Ministry of Tourism work together for responsible public policies. We are confirming that Rocha has quality accommodation, with luxury services”, Viera said.

The government announced that the application stage to acquire the tender document at a cost of $10,000 dollars will end on October 23. The opening of the envelopes with the tenders will take place on October 24.

Monzeglio said that the project would have a fundamental impact on the region. In addition, he recalled that during the pandemic an offer for a similar project had been rejected.

“We are going for the most ambitious project, which does not compete with other hotels, but that adds customers, events, conventions and casino room as attractions,” he said.

The tender is for the sale of land owned by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, which consists of 27 hectares and 432 metres. The land is valued at about $6 million.

The tender must incorporate architectural details, urban integration studies, building proposals, and include details as to where the casino will operate. In addition those interested in taking part in the tender will need to provide technical, commercial and local studies into tourism that support the investment. In particular interested parties must provide details as to their strategy for attracting tourism and provide details as to how the casino intends to attract international players.

Earlier this month President Luis Lacalle Pou, signed a resolution to open the call for the international public tender for the sale of land for a luxury hotel with a casino. The license for the casino will be valid for 20 years. La Paloma is  a small city in the Rocha Department of southeastern Uruguay. 

In the resolution signed by the president, a mandatory requirement for the tender states that a luxury hotel must be built with an on-site casino, with a concession for the private exploitation of gambling for the term of 20 years.

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