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Light & Wonder: the future of table game variants

By - 5 April 2024

Alexandra Comman, Sales Director EMEA at Light & Wonder, anticipates that future variants of traditional live games will include interactive experiences such as virtual reality.

Table game providers offer multiple variants of popular titles such as Blackjack and Baccarat. But do variants necessarily always have to be about upping the pace of gameplay?

Variants of popular table games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat don’t necessarily have to focus solely on upping the pace of gameplay. Some variants introduce faster gameplay to appeal to players who prefer shorter/quicker rounds, but other variants bring other elements and features to keep both well- established and new players engaged such as:

  • Side bets / bonus features which act like games into the game.

  • Community play elements / social & multi-player features. Competition contributes greatly to the appeal of live game variants. For example, the Envy bonus in L&W GM Atlas progressive solution brings a community play element that incentivises players to bet on the progressive.

  • Skill elements. Players not only rely on luck but also on their (fas ) strategic decision- making, their bluffing skills / tactics, and their understanding of the game’s mechanics, probabilities and their opponents’ way of playing to win. L&W Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker is considered a skill game with its decision making, probabilities, adaptability, and so forth.

  • Progressive or mystery jackpots. These increase potential win amount and therefore incentivise players to continue playing (in a responsible way, of course). L&W Blazing 7s progressive jackpot solution for Blackjack tables increases the adrenaline level!

In the future I’m sure that variants of traditional live games will include more innovative elements such as virtual reality, quests which will unfold as players will progress – immersive & interactive experiences – and other such features.

We truly have a compelling portfolio of products for casinos seeking innovative and engaging gaming experiences for their players!

What sets Light & Wonder apart from competitors?

We distinguish ourselves through unique game concepts which provide engaging & exciting player experience. As for utilities, we design our products with both a user-centric and player- centric approach. We focus on design, ergonomics, security and efficiency while upping the pace of gameplay.

Further, we continuously introduce new games mechanics & features, improve technology and innovations. Last but not least, L&W provides an exceptional support and service to our casino partners.

How is the floor mix between proprietary table games, utility innovations, and electronic gaming systems evolving? How is this different from one market to the next?

The evolution of the floor mix varies depending on various factors: market dynamics, technological advances, regulations, competitive landscape, economic factors and cultural preferences. Regarding utilities, innovations and market evolutions are mainly driven by operational efficiency & security needs.

The market penetration of proprietary table games varies on the level of player familiarity and acceptance. In markets where players are more used to traditional table games, we could notice a slower adoption of game variants.

What’s the demographic for a table game player? How does this impact the game mix installed on the ETGs?

The demographic can vary depending on various factors such as the location, the venue type, the culture, specific area game preferences, average player age range, etc.

Usually older players prefer classic traditional games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, and younger players are typically more attracted by games like Poker and variants of games.

I believe the demographic profile of table game players can impact the ETGs game mix as casinos are striving to offer a diverse game mix to appeal to a lager player base.

Indeed, the ETG offering can help to appeal to different player segments: players who like more privacy, newcomers who want to educate themselves on the games at lower bets before trying the “live” version of the game as they may feel intimidated. Further, the latest ETG games include innovative features which can be deployed to attract younger & tech-savvy players.

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